Win95 Media Player

Windows 95 media player in your browser

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A JavaScript/React clone of the Media Player app shipped in Windows 95. Classic UI & functionality to play your media on today's web! Wouldn't be possible without 2 major dependencies - React95 ( & Cassette (
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Ben Wiley
Ben WileyMaker@benwiley4000 · Software Dev interested in media
I built this because I found the React95 library last week and knew I had to make something cool with it. I decided to build a media player because it's a cool way to showcase Cassette, the media player React component library I built and maintain. Cassette offers a pretty flexible API that helps you build media players like this, or anything else you could think of. Working on a player like this is kind of funny because the UX is pretty dated and I cringed a bit at some of the things I was trying to implement. Super cool to use though! Feels like a blast from the past. As a bonus, it's a lot more performant than the Windows 95 version, and has auto-integration with mobile OSes, thanks to Cassette. Not exactly *fun* to use on a phone... but it works! And you can also cheat by using the playback controls in the system UI. Would love to hear any feedback!