Win or Snooze

Alarm clock gamified

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Yoav Anaki
Yoav Anaki@yoavanaki
Tadej, this is really awesome! Love the design & concept. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
Sean Do
Sean Do@everywheresean · Web Developer - Photographer
It looks like a great game, but all you need to do is hold down "Win" then go back to sleep. Why Kickstarter tho?
Tadej Štrok
Tadej ŠtrokHunter@cerpintaxt
@everywheresean Yeah, you can cheat and go back to sleep, but aren't you really cheating yourself? And you only get one turn per day.
Mark Lazar
Mark Lazar@marklazar1 · Techstars
I would definitely use this. Is it available?