Browse over 70 million free mobile WiFi hotspots


Michele di Mauro
@wim1k · Founder & CTO @ wiman
Hey, Hunters! Founder of Wiman here. Since the launch of Wiman Free WiFi Android App (http://bit.ly/Wiman-Android) thanks to the community we have added more than 70M open WiFi worldwide and helped millions of users to get seamlessly online. The basic idea is very simple: we are surrounded by a lot of open WiFi and we want to help users find and connect to… See more
Angad Singh
@preetangad · Founder of Cassette
I find it hard to believe that you have over 3 million open wifi networks in New York. The population of the city is only 9 million. Even if you already have every single open wifi network in the city that's still unbelievable. The map seems to confirm the same. Many empty regions spanning several blocks even in Downtown Manhattan. A quick Google Search s… See more
Sagar Honakeri
@sagar868 · Engineer at Nonspec, Startup enthusiast
In any of my worst nightmares I wouldn't have gotten to know that there exists more than 20 open Wi-Fi networks in my small hometown called Vijayapura in India. Now I can bet one can find open WiFi networks in any part of the world with the help of Wiman. This is Incredible!
Aaron Miller
@millerboyz999 · GPShopper
Any plans for iOS?
Francis Kim
@franciskim_co · Software Hacker & Growth Engineer
🤘 Great work! Added to: https://www.producthunt.com/@fra...