Will I Win the Lottery?

99.99999% accurate predictor for Powerball win.

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Why is this even on PH?
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@aaron_lee07 lots of amazing products get overlooked every day and we have another website that says "no" to an obvious question… 🙄
@aaron_lee07 agree with you, this kind of defeats the purpose of PH tech... maybe there should be PH misc?
@yurikleban @aaron_lee07 Shouldn't exist at all. Adds no value to the community.
@aaron_lee07 Because it is funny, and it supports the worldview of the PH community. :)
@aaron_lee07 It's okay to break the mold and have a little fun.
I found value in this, it's funny. Who's to say what belongs on PH.
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a real app that people investing time/money into gets lambasted by PH for even being made, but this makes it to the front page? some algorithm....
Funny... Although I don't understand why 200k+ characters are needed to develop that :)
@clementlebau It's because it's using a CMS -- Squarespace in this case.