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Wildfire Widgets was designed and built from the ground up specifically for use on professional blogs. The embeddable widgets effectively boost your blogging efforts, by helping to grow your email list and blog traffic at an accelerated rate. If you’d like to see a live demo, check out this blog post of how Wildfire Widgets’ launch strategy was designed.

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Guan Xun Chew
Guan Xun ChewMaker@gx · Founder & Developer, WriteMapper
👋 Hey PH! GX here, I’m excited to show you all 🔥 Wildfire Widgets: embeddable widgets for blogs. It helps professional bloggers grow 🌻 their readership by converting visitors into subscribers, and inviting readers to share content they liked. You can also style the widgets, so that they fit perfectly with your blog’s theme. There are four widgets, and here’s what each of them help readers of your blog to do: - Fireworks: Upvote and then share blog posts - Highlight: Share snippets of selected text - Spark: Subscribe to your blog’s email list 💌 - Spotlight: Share quotes from your blog posts Check out this blog post of mine to see the widgets in action. The post itself is about how I arrived at this idea, which you might also find interesting. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to hearing Product Hunt’s feedback! Let me know if you guys have any other questions; I'll be happy to answer them. 😊
keyul@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
Does it work with Medium publication?
Guan Xun Chew
Guan Xun ChewMaker@gx · Founder & Developer, WriteMapper
@keyul Nope, it doesn't. I've deliberately not included Medium, as I'm hypothesising that most professional blogs aren't going to be on there. This is as I've observed the following clues on why running your own blog is probably better than publishing on Medium / other platforms, especially for professional bloggers: - This blog post by Baremetrics on switching back to their own blog from Medium. - This Twitter thread by Patrick McKenzie on not being locked-in to a publishing platform. - Andrew Chen's advice to not publish just on Quora/Medium. Besides that, Medium is a closed-source platform that only they control the format of, so it's impossible to embed anything at all on a Medium blog. Hope I didn't bore you to death there with the long answer. Thanks for writing back with your question, I appreciate it! :)