Wildcard iOS SDK

Replace links and webviews in your iOS app with native cards

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Hey gang! We're back! Our iOS SDK allows you to replace links and webviews (or links out to a web browser app) with native cards. Rendering content natively allows you to deliver the fast, beautiful experience users expect from your app-- and avoid sending them to slow, frustrating and inconsistent mobile web. It's kind of having your cake and eating too: you get to stay open to third party web content, but avoid the mobile web and keep it native. Really excited to start opening the platform and service we built our app on up to the rest of the iOS community. Open card technology for other app's has always been the third leg of the Wildcard stool, and this is v1!
@maxbulger Hey Max, any live examples I can check out?
@mzuvella Hey Matt! Nothing live in the App Store right now, but that video is of an actual iOS implementation @davex_87 built as if he were an outside SDK user.
This is one of the best tools i've ever seen. Will be very useful!
@fkaytanci Thanks for the kind words! Let me know if you have any issues integrating!
Hey this looks really interesting. Are cards intended only to serve content from your own pages, or are they suitable for 3rd party content as well?
@aaronlammer third party content as well. Our goal is to have complete coverage for all of the links passing through your app, and we're well on the way. Grab an API key and see for yourself :)
@maxbulger Got it. I tried a few third party URLs in the validator but none of them validated. Guess I need to try at the API level.
@aaronlammer This validator: http://www.trywildcard.com/partn... ? That's a tool for folks publishing cards (vs. rendering them in their apps), so it just validates JSON. Our service takes in webpages (via URL) and outputs JSON-- but that's part of the SDK and not reflected in the Validator. Happy to explain more or answer other questions at max at trywildcard dot com.
@aaronlammer in fact...this SDK is primarily intended for handling 3rd party content...although i see how you would want to use it for first...
Fascinating. Added to our "future tools/sdk list" when we start tackling iOS in a few months
This is nice. Thinking about including it in my app.
@talkaboutdesign Awesome, glad to hear it! Feel free to drop me a line with any more questions or issues you run into: Max at trywildcard dot com.