Wildcard for Android

A beautifully designed mobile news app comes to Android.

I'm really proud that we designed and built this in house, ground up for Android. We don't yet support every feature from our "Apple's Top 25 Apps of 2015" iOS app, but we wanted to get this in front of the Android community as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any questions.
@petkanics Awesome! Was their a large demand for you to expand into an Android version? Everyone can read the announcement on Medium here
As an Android user, I was waiting for an app like this available. I was a big fan and user of Circa. Short and straight to the point news! Like it!
I've used this app on iOS since it was launched and absolutely loved it! One of the few apps that I really missed after recently switching to Android. Glad to see it live on the Play Store! Are there any plans to launch international editions? I use this app in India.
Really love card based apps :). Do you intend to enable user to create their own cards? (Sharing link from browser or otherwise)