Twitter/Potluck-esque cards for the rest of the web

#4 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2013
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I've heard if Wildcard but I haven't actually seen it in practice. Have you? Curious to hear @ys' thoughts on this. cc @joshm @libbybrittain
@rrhoover unfortunately not...but wanted to get it on the hunt before someone else beat me to it :)
Have seen a little bit from Khoi (he is - was! - an officemate at Branch). Was very cool, and I totally buy it from a user's perspective. Mobile web totally sucks, and I want it to be faster, more consistent, and more intuitive.
I am most curious about how they are going go go about working with brands. Brands already sink lots of money into building mobile experiences for their sites, and it will probably be a while until Wildcard has a database of users big enough to motivate them to come play in their ecosystem. Plus, I think at some level, every brand *likes* looking differentiated, and so trying to standardize, while good for the user, might not be great from where they're standing. Will be interesting to see how they compromise the two.
I think some of the big questions here are: will there be any / enough ad inventory on the cards? how well will preexisting content / ads be displayed (I don't think everyone is ready to re-format anything on the web / in apps today for yet another medium...)? can users create cards? what will the social elements of the cards be; i.e., can they be shared / linked to? and what will the interaction between the mobile web and cards be? The above questions all assume that the product / experience is as I envision it, which given my extremely limited understanding of Wildcard is questionable at best :) Heard good things nonetheless, and looking forward to checking this one out!