WikiWand is a slick new interface for Wikipedia

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2 Reviews5.0/5

WikiWand is an essential browser plugin. Wikipedia is a mainstay of the Internet, but let's face it: the formatting is horrible. Proper formatting can help with readability and the ability to quickly digest information. WikiWand provides that.

The plugin automatically reformats any Wikipedia page you visit, making it more readable and reduces how far your eye has to track across the screen. There are some basic formatting adjustments, which are nice.

Once you've used WikiWand and then see a normal Wikipedia page you'll really notice the difference and how spoiled WikiWand makes you.

It's a must-have plugin.


Beautiful interface that makes Wikipedia much easier to read. Logical section groupings and navigation makes learning easier.


No Android app

Doesn't show up in Safari extensions gallery


Neat layout in wiki pages, customisable views