Listen to Wikipedia articles nearby.

WikiTrip reads out Wikipedia articles nearby and helps you learn about the world around you. Perfect for road trips, city walks or your daily commute.

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BjörnMaker@bjoern2000 · Digital Product @FaradayFuture
Hi Hunters! WikiTrip was inspired by those brown "tourist signs" along European highways and the Autobahn ( When driving by, I was always interested in some more detail about the featured place than just the name and a simple illustration, so wanted to build something that reads out a simple audio snippet about the place. I was trying to get geo-coordinates for those signs to match them up with the corresponding Wikipedia articles, but the data is not easily available, so I just simplified this to read out articles anywhere, as long as they pass a minimum quality/relevance check. iOS only for now. Looking forward to your feedback!
Igor Malchenko
Igor MalchenkoHiring@imalchenko · Chief Operating Officer at GameTree
This is an absolutely amazing concept, downloading now 😃
BjörnMaker@bjoern2000 · Digital Product @FaradayFuture
@imalchenko thanks Igor for your nice feedback! Please let me know what you think after you used it.
Jenia Matkov
Jenia Matkov@jenia_matkov
I would love to try it but for the Android
BjörnMaker@bjoern2000 · Digital Product @FaradayFuture
@jenia_matkov yeah, I know. I was considering to build this cross-platform in ReactNative but ended up with Swift only. Unfortunately don't have the time to build for two platforms.
Robert Magrino
Robert Magrino@rmagrino · AquaBlast, ultimate aquatic punching bag
This is very neat idea. TIL the history of East Redmond ( Now that I have heard this one, will the app somehow know that I have listened to this and not replay every time I drive home? Also, what distance must you be to the marker to trigger the app? Thanks.
BjörnMaker@bjoern2000 · Digital Product @FaradayFuture
@rmagrino Hey Robert. In 1.0.2 it will read out an article even though it was read out previously, but that's the next filter I'll build, because it does get annoying otherwise. The logic is quite simple at the moment: Every 5 minutes, it picks randomly from 10 articles within 10 miles radius whose description is at least 300 characters long. Next thing I'll do here is to filter out high schools. There are a lot of high school articles on Wikipedia. In the future, if this gets any traction, I might build a more sophisticated quality algorithm.