Wikiscope uses your phone's current location to find Wikipedia articles tagged to the world around you and overlays them on to your camera using Augmented Reality. You can view articles on a 2D map too.
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Hey everyone 👋 I started working on this a couple of years ago, but it lay dormant in my filesystem while I was distracted by other projects. Finally I got my act together and submitted the app to the App Store. It's written in React Native, Expo, Three.js and uses ARKit under the hood. I wanted a way to find nearby points of interest when landing in a new city so I started playing around with Wikipedia's API. I was surprised by what I found even in my own city. My partner Daria started to learn web design a few months ago and she expressed an interest in creating a landing page for this as a portfolio piece. I think it's amazing! She's available to hire - James
@rahrahyah one word, disruptive! 👨🏻‍💻 congratulations on the launch
@rahrahyah that looks amazing 👌would love an android version too. should help u i guess :)
Any plans for an Android version?
@jamesivings possibly! I'd need to look into the ARKit equivalent for Android and see if React Native has bindings for it.
It looks fantastic! I could use that when travelling, and maybe even in my own city.
@mreliptik this is what i wanted to say too! It will be helpful!
Good and useful use of the AR trend. Thanks for making this James
An awesome idea, well executed! Look forward to trying it out in Budapest
@johnny_makes Let me know how it goes.