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Been using the Chrome extension for about a month, and have learned about so many random things. Small sample: heliotropic building design, the history of Dreyer's Ice Cream, and Mount Errigal - the 76th tallest peak in Ireland! I highly recommended this if you like the idea of a serendipitous lesson about the world every time you start a new browser tab.
I would love a version that only shows concepts and definitions, excluding personalities and geographical locations (too frequent in this version) !
Hi All, what was the motivation behind creating WikiRoulete?
@anthony_stylianou I got the idea from a great book called Algorithms to Live By. One of the authors describes how he set his browser homepage to a random Wikipedia article to inject a bit of randomness into his day and spur creativity. I couldn't find a good chrome extension so I built out one along with the site. Hope others find it useful!
@minouye Thanks for this Matt. Much appreciated.
Quizzers delight! :)
What an awesome idea! However, I think I would get distracted and forget what I was originally doing lol