Prank your friends with fake wiki articles.

WikiPrank is a small webapp that allows you to prank your friends by faking a wikipedia page. Choose an article you want as a reference, choose the word you want to replace it with and tadaaa: you have a fake wiki article.

Use it to:

- Prank your friends,

- Win at scrabble

- Win a bet

You will never be wrong anymore, even when you are.

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We probably don't need more Fake News generators these days.
@jameswahba Agreed, please do not use WikiPrank to source and publish fake news. But we need more humor.
Nice! I just pranked my mother by making her believe that a Croissant was also a flower! However, I was using my mobile and wikipedia displayed as a browser website 😕
@chloej Hey there! Yes unfortunatly that feature is not implemented yet. I will add that to my todo list 😃
Prank your voters with fake news!
@nicola_di_marco Wikipedia just changed its' name to DiMarcopedia!
The website doesn't work for me but I really want to use it! I have countless pranks in mind 😝Will wait until it's back up 🙂
Hey, Website is up and running again! I also fixed a bug when search terms had a space in them (ex: Donald Trump)