Wikipedia for Familiar Bot

Find Wikipedia articles on Email and Slack with Familiar Bot

Every wikipedia article, all in one place. This bot part gives you the ability to search Wikipedia, without switching apps.

Install Familiar Bot on Slack, or send email to

Email or Slack DM: "give me a wiki for Product Hunt"

Slack mention: "@familiarbot wiki green tea"

Slack command: "/wiki Green Tea"

Happy searching!

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This has got to be very convenient for when you're trying to be a know-it-all on Slack. What's next for Familiar Bot?
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@jacqvon haha Hermione feels πŸ€“
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@jacqvon up next is weather and web search. Simple but useful stuff for Slack to help you stay in one place. We're going to release our Announcement skill as well, so you can have fam bee do scheduled posts, or even with a bit of autonomy. We're also going to release the same skills for email which we've been testing internally and starting to really enjoy. Quite cool using email as an app. We've also tested the Wiki skill on Twitter and so we'll probably ship that soon. From there Familiar Bot is going to offer something a little more home grown than wikipedia and search. We've been hinting about something called "People Skills" and I'm excited to share more on that soon :) Thanks for asking @jacqvon, oh and also for the support convo earlier about the Ship product that @producthunt offers. Going to look at that in the coming weeks
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@jhon_foster it really really is! So handy on mobile πŸ“± πŸ€–

It's awesome that I can either @familiarbot or use the /wiki command. Also love how I can add to our team conversations by bringing in more info to the topic of discussion with this Wikipedia Skill.

DMing Fam Bee is cool too because there ends up being an entire history of my searches that I can always refer to later.

Genuinely surprised and delighted at how much I've been using and enjoying this!

Excited about where this is going. I’d love to see the new skills and more fun copywriting. But I’m really happy with this as a start!


The best (and cutest!) way to get the info I need, want or am interested in right in my team's Slack channel, or via DM.


I want Familiar Bot's Wiki Skill everywhere now

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