Discover people, books and videos based on mentions.

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Hi Product Hunt! We are extremely excited to share our project WikiMentions with you. It’s a site that helps you discover people, their books and videos based on their mentions. People can mention other people, books or videos in books or videos. Also it’s a wiki so content can be added by anyone. We already have around 2200 books and 1250 videos of 980 people. We'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions you may have to help us improve WikiMentions. We look forward to hear from you. PS: You may find that pages of several important people are missing or incomplete. We urge you to add any missing content yourself. You can add content without signing up. You only need to sign up to edit or delete content.
Is there a way to favourite or bookmark the mentioned or mention-ers? To create a bookshelf of sorts.
Can podcasts be used as mentioned sources?
@chuckkahn this would make for a great podcast discovery source.
@chuckkahn Yes ! You could use almost anything as a source. Links can be added in the reference field when adding mentions.
There should be a way to autofill entries -- eg. if you enter an ISBN or Twitter handle, WikiMentions should fill in the rest about that book or person.
Thanks a lot for your feedback @chuckkahn !! I'm not sure about books but we could at least automatically get some data from transcripts of videos. We should be able to announce something soon.
What about expanding beyond book mentions to music and movie mentions?
Currently we don't have any plans to expand to movies or music but we will consider it in future depending on how things shape up.