Never miss out on anything with “alert communities”

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
There's an interesting element of IFTTT + community here. I imagine the hard part will be to curate the right curators to prevent spam or too much noise for any one alert. I can see many Product Hunt alert use cases that could be automated (e.g. alert me when a new bitcoin-related product is posted) but having a human touch can lead to better results and community context that machines lack.
@rrhoover Agreed, human touch seems to be the single most important things in products, nowadays. I guess there are just too many notifications around. And shameless plug: those curators can use hunting cabin to source alerts from product hunt :)
Nolan ThompsonCo-Founder, HeadTalker
I think the points and privileges are a great way to get new members involved in helping to curate the alerts. I just signed up and I'm excited to see how this site progresses.
Artem Zavyalov
Co-founder @Highbrow
Neat idea! On Wikilerts users set up “alert communities” where members inform each other so that nobody misses out on important stuff.
Omar Pera
Looks great! Similar concept to, with custom channels curated manually. I suppose Hooks are going to open an API soon, so there may be room for collaboration /cc @joseleperez
Nick Schramm
Founder of
Thanks guys for your enouraging words! Some comments on the things you said: @rrhoover Regarding spam, that's what this process should take care of. Maybe we need to fiddle around a bit (i.e. how many people get asked to verify an alert, how many people must have agreed so that the alert gets sent etc.) but I'm sure that there is a combination which will work. Thank you also for pointing to hunting cabin. It seems to be based on keyword search, which has its limitations. For some things the human mind is still needed (we haven't found the algorithm yet which only sends us relevant stuff). @ompemi Thanks Omar for that tip!