An encyclopedia that talks to your kids

Wikids let kids explore independently, with categories such as: Animals, space, countries, foods, the human body and much, much more! All entries are 80-words long, narrated with a friendly voice, with text and images. Our entries are interrelated, so kids can explore on their own and continuously nurture their natural thirst for knowledge.

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Hi Product Hunters :) I’m Inbal founder of Kidkedoo (, and I’m super excited to tell you about Wikids - the encyclopedia that talks to kids! Just in time for summer break, we are sharing our app with the Product Hunt community (those of you with kids will appreciate this :-)). We founded Kidkedoo to help kids who can't read yet (ages 3-8) satisfy their curiosity independently. We are doing that by creating original content written from a child's point of view, and developing the Wikids app (available on iOS and Android) with an engaging interface, which offers an independent exploration experience. On Wikids, each of the 240 entries is 80-words long, narrated in a friendly voice (30 seconds), accompanied by compelling images and text. All entries are interrelated to create associations. For example: After exploring Japan, a kid can move on to "sushi" or "volcano” and so on. Research has shown that curious kids become successful adults, so we focus on cultivating natural curiosity and broadening horizons. Our app brings great value to kids, because the more they know, the more they want to know! Knowledge empowers kids and leverages their self-confidence. And they love it: 13% of the sessions on Wikids exceed the 40-minute mark. Since we created the app for our own kids, we made sure it is 100% safe and ad-free. We appreciate your upvote :) You can download Wikids for iOS here: And for Android here: We appreciate your thoughts, questions, comments or feedback - so please feel free to share (sharing is caring :-)) or email me at Thanks for stopping by, Inbal Miron
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@balloo007 @kidkedoo I love your App. My Kids love it (they are the real users...) I love you keep updating the content and add more categories!
@omer_gartzman @kidkedoo Great to hear! Thank you so much for sharing :-)
This is an app that was truly made with love...congratulations!
Indeed! Awesome compliment @eldadbentora , We do love our curious kids!
Love the product Inbal! Curios to know what is the difference from the other educational apps in the market?
Thanks so much @dalutwit- great question! Most educational apps for kids who can’t read yet (ages 3-8) focus on basic skills, such as ABCs and 123s. Important as these skills are, when it comes to general knowledge, kids have nowhere to go. Wikids engages kids from their point of view and enables them to explore independently and broaden their horizons, by using interrelated entries, creating an enriching learning experience.
installed! Now let's see what junior says. Good luck!
@geva_t Thanks, looking forward to hearing their verdict :-)
My kids love the app so much I have to ask for a timer like YouTube kids as the feature ;)
Thanks for the feedback @talsarig. Always great to get such feedback! We love curious kids:-)