see connections & understand things with bubbles!

Hey there hunters! We are a small, multi-cultural team, based in Tel-Aviv. WikiBrains serves to create beautiful visual maps quickly. Here's what's cool: every connection you make teaches our brain something new -so next time a user creates a map, she will get crowd-sourced suggestion based on their map context. Feedback is welcome -you can be mean! Cheers!
Very cool. I knew a team in Vancouver working on something similar. Suggestion for first user experience after clicking New Map, walk the user through that first one. It's impossible to know where to start, what to map, against that big blank screen:) And some will watch video tutorial, but most won't.
@dshan you are right, well roll out onboarding pronto, tweaking and fixing other elements before expanding our "brainiac base" of creators. Thanks, you are right!