Discover how all things are vaguely connected

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Haha this is cool! the random seems to only give me a few. Milk and Cookies come up a lot ha
@bentossell Ahaha also Pizza and Film :)
I'm sure @liviopacifico can tell us more about how he came up with this idea! :) @duplikey The maker of this project is Italian, maybe you can add this hunt on your amazing Italian collection :)
Thank you @simonelucidi87 for hunting WikiBinge! WikiBinge is an itch I have been wanting to scratch for a while. We are all familiar with the process of getting lost in the ocean of information of Wikipedia. But what exactly makes a trip down the Wiki-lane more memorable than another? Studying my own patterns, I discovered I enjoyed more finding my way through smaller, less obvious articles and with that in mind I built this tool. WikiBinge is for lovers of the Long Tail and hunters of Serendipity. I'd like to hear which features people think could be useful to improve the discovering experience. I am happy to answer any questions.
WikiBinge is a tool for creating interesting paths between two subjects chronicled on Wikipedia, generating the story of how any two articles are connected and compelling you to follow that rich, linear narration through unexpected discoveries and findings. WikiBinge picks the smaller, hidden gems on Wikipedia during this journey while avoiding larger, more obvious connections. Enjoy the ride!
This idea definitely shows promise. I could see educators using this to show their students how things in the world are intertwined. Have you guys considered turning this into an app for mobile devices?