Wiind Video Eamil

Send video emails in a snap! 2-clicks & auto generated gif

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Pretty fun to use ! 💌
@simvanlierde Simon thanks for the share! Love to hear that.
I think we all know email could be more efficient... you could call, text, heck you could facebook, tweet, slack, snapchat, facetime, skype, blab etc etc etc the other party.... but we dont. I feel there are reasons for this. We (secretly) like how email works. More and more of us are opening up to video messages and also audio... Not sure how this will (if it will) translate into email.
@bentossell Ben absolutely, email is still king. We just think it needs to be humanized. Professionals need a universal medium (email), that empowers them to build meaningful relationships. Our goal is really to bring a personalized asynchronous video to the professional space. You guys should use it at product hunt to welcome users! :) #behuman
@dsos1 We are pretty open on all platforms already :) - Happy to snap
@bentossell great! I look forward to your thoughts Daniel@wiind.com
Viewing from an iPhone, I'm unable to see any examples of the final result. Why is there no mobile-savvy video demo? :(
@taylorbanks Hey Taylor! I am confused. can you elaborate?