Automatically connect to free Wi-Fi around you

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All of us have been there - yet another "open" or free WiFi hotspot. Register, login and all the other pain there is. WiFire does away with all that. And you can earn good karma by adding to the WiFi hotspot list.
Hey! I cannot download on Google Project Fi (Carrier not supported). What's the difference between WiFire and WiMAN? https://play.google.com/store/ap...
@rgawdzik Hi Robert, we're currently only available in India at the moment - sorry about that.
@ravipratap this sounds kickass! would love to know more.
Google blocked auto-connect on new android versions. Guys, it's fail.
@kirillkudin How do you mean? WiFire works on Android 6.0 as our auto-connect still requires the user to hit a button.
It says it is incompatible with my device Nexus 4, really?
@goofyman Sorry Dennis, we are not yet available in all countries - only on Google Play in India. That's probably the reason you're seeing the "incompatible" message.
Hey buddy! How is this different to WiFi Map, WifiMapper or the other dozen of free wifi apps?
@anibalmadrid We only aggregate public WiFi networks and also do the job of filling out web forms on networks that require a multi-step login process