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Joost Hoogendoorn
Joost HoogendoornMaker@juiced · wifimask.com - joostwebhost.nl
Hi all! My designing brother Joris and I (technology) created WifiMask to easily protect and secure your public Wi-Fi connection. By now almost everybody knows that using public Wi-Fi's is not safe, everybody can easily snoop on your data, but often it's not clear how to solve this problem. Some people know that a technology called "VPN" is part of the solution. WifiMask uses this VPN technology under the hood together with strong encryption and a focus on securing your public Wi-Fi connection to take away any doubts, with WifiMask you know your public Wi-Fi connection is safe. We wanted to create an app we would like to use ourselves, which is plain and simple, looks good and does everything it needs to do with security and usability as a top priority. An OSX app is available now and apps for all the other platforms are in development, with next up an app for iOS. I can't wait to hear from you guys and girls what you think about it! PS. for Product Hunters we have a special 20% discount for the first 12 months with the following link: https://www.wifimask.com/registe...
Joe Robinson
Joe Robinson@i8joe · Organizer, Designers + Geeks
@juiced Netflix is now blocking VPN / proxy connections. Since it's a promoted feature of your product, have you figured out some way around it?
Joost Hoogendoorn
Joost HoogendoornMaker@juiced · wifimask.com - joostwebhost.nl
@i8joe It still works with WifiMask, but you're right, we should change that picture after the latest known info about Netflix, the picture is a way of us making clear what we mean by unblocking content, most people understand the Netflix USA blocking/unblocking thing. While it still works with WifiMask, we cannot guarantee that the Netflix USA library will still be available from everywhere in the future. The same counts for other region blocked content, like PBS, some YouTube content or some internet radio stations. It works as long as they are not taking measures to block the WifiMask infrastructure, after which we will try to work around it, it will be a cat-and-mouse game. Our primary focus is protecting your Wi-Fi connection in any case, unblocking content is a nice to have.
Oliver Ames
Oliver Ames@oliverames · Student
@juiced Is this a VPN service specifically? Does it mask information from internet providers?
Joost Hoogendoorn
Joost HoogendoornMaker@juiced · wifimask.com - joostwebhost.nl
@oliverames Yes, this is a service which uses VPN technology and because it encrypts and tunnels all your internet traffic data between your device and a WifiMask router it will mask information from your internet provider. They will only see encrypted data traffic.