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I like the simplicity of this and perfect for nomads (see @levelsio's collection here). Where are you getting this data, @atudotio? I pulled a list of WiFi locations nearby. It worked great but I know for a fact that Capital One 360 Cafe's broadband speeds deteriorate mid-day when they're busy. Maybe there's a way to communicate this or in a perfect world, show the current expected speeds.
Thank you @rrhoover ! I'm getting data from people and I'm asking the owner of each coffee place to make a speedtest and send me the result. Nice idea for the current speed. In the future I will get my own speedtest.
This is a good first step.. What would be great to see next is an open API that could integrate with all geo location apps (Foursquare, Yelp, cafe websites, etc.)
@jonbstrong Check out http://Instabridge.com similar service and integrate with 4sq. And delivered as an app so you can use it offline :)
@jackdweck Thank you for the hunting ;)
@atudotio my pleasure! I agree w/ @rrhoover here on simplicity. I like that I'm able to see a list of places right off the bat without entering my location. Nicely done.
@jonbstrong Definitely something that I will do.
Is the app still working, or just temporary down ? I get a " this site can't be reached" error.