Pay-as-you-go inflight wifi in over 5000+ airplanes.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2020
Wificoin offers “pay-as-they-go” inflight WiFi in over 5000+ airplanes on 37 airlines worldwide. Users don’t have to purchase expensive hourly packages upfront that expire during the flight and charge them whether or not the internet works.
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Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina 👋 Product Hunt - Suruchi here from Wificoin. Super excited to share Wificoin with you and can’t wait to hear your thoughts! As a software engineer by trade, partly out of curiosity, but mostly out of frustration with the status quo, I naively took on this daunting task of changing how we all access inflight wifi. To me, buying an inflight wifi pass before getting on every flight, only to realize the wifi on the plane was painstakingly slow (if not completely down), not being able to get any work done but losing all the money, was super annoying and frustrating. We all deserve a better solution and that is exactly what inspired me to start Wificoin. Its a pay-as-you-go inflight wifi app that enables you to access wifi in over 5000+ airplanes on 37 airlines worldwide. You no longer need to buy hourly packages on multiple airlines just for sending those few emails. Simply download the app, load the credits before you fly and stay connected in the air for a fraction of the cost. We are on a mission to make your travel more enjoyable and we hope you like it! @sam_johnson4 and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for checking us out!
I fly a lot with work colleagues so I find this interesting. I'm curious if it's possible to share un-used credits with my friends?
@leo_anbarasan if you fly frequently you can subscribe to a monthly plan. The same monthly plan gives you WiFi access on all 37 airlines and if you have any left-over or unused credits you can share them with up to 5 devices; friends and colleagues 😄.
@sam_johnson4 Thanks for your response. I shall try it and share my experience.
Great product! By the way, which airlines do you guys provide Wifi on? Also is this just domestic or international flights too?
@jinesh_d Thanks for your question. We support 37 airlines worldwide like American, Delta, Alaska, Air Canada, Aeromexico, etc. The full list of airlines can be seen in the app. You can use the app nationally as well as internationally.
@jinesh_d @suruchi786 It's odd that you say you support airlines, since they're not the actual providers. For example, with American you may end up on Viasat, Philips, or GoGo. Who do you have contracts with? Does this work on laptops or only phones?
@imatincr Hi Boris, yes, you're right. Airlines are not the actual providers, we have partnered with the providers that manage the wifi networks for the airlines. However, just for simplicity sake for the end users, we are referring to them as airlines because a lot of users are not sophisticated to know all the providers. We have partnered with all the major providers, however, can't disclose the names yet. Happy to clarify any other specific questions you may have. Thanks for checking us out and appreciate the comment!
@imatincr The app only works on smartphones and tablets at the moment. Curious to know if you usually stay connected via your laptop or phone while flying?
@suruchi786 Laptop usually. If I'm paying, it must be work related, there are books and in-flight movies for entertainment. If it's work related, it's almost always easier on a laptop.
Interesting! After downloading the app I've got 1100 credits in my Wificoin balance. How the credits expire? Since I'm not going to fly now but few days later.@suruchi786 does this app support Malindo Airlines?
@joy_sarkar1 Thanks for downloading the app. The credits do not expire and can be used at anytime. At this time, we don't support Malindo Airlines, however, we are constantly adding new airlines, so stay tuned.
I fly fairly often and am getting ready for a multi-airline multi-country trip. This concept is interesting but I find apps that force me to install the app before knowing if they are suitable super frustrating and off-putting. Are the airlines I will be using included? How much does it cost? Is a credit a unit of time, bandwidth, Kb, Mb, MB, usage, or some combination? What is an example of credit usage per hour, per movie? I mean, come on, don't make me go to the reviews to find that it is $40 for 12,000 credits and still have no idea what I am getting for that.
@kmullett Thanks for checking us out Kevin! You can check the list of airlines on wificoin.com before downloading the app. However, the idea is that you get the app once and can seamlessly connect to inflight wifi on all supported airlines without needing to constantly check which airline is supported. We keep the app up-to-date with the list of all supported airlines, hence prefer that you get the app. A credit is a unit of bandwidth. We have multiple packs starting from $20 and also family plans that allow you to connect simultaneously on 5 devices. Would love for you to try the app next time you fly. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@wificoin.zendesk.com. Thanks!