Wifi Porter

Connect guests to your network quickly

Wifi Porter connects your guests to Wi-Fi by scanning a QR code or tapping on the device. It’s a nice way to avoid typing long passwords. Wifi Porter is carved from a block of hard maple, and is compatible with iOS and Android. Unlike other solutions, Wifi Porter doesn’t require any special apps, and it doesn’t require the host to be nearby.

Hi Makers & Hunters! I'm so excited (and nervous) to show you this work. You’re a bunch of smarties with good critique and suggestions. Please do let me know what you think (good and bad!). With recent connectivity improvements in iOS and Android, we thought it was a great time to explore new interactions for connecting to Wi-Fi. Wifi Porter works with nearly all current phones, and is compatible with the latest standards. Network credentials are displayed on the bottom of the Wifi Porter as a backup method for laptops and other devices. Did we miss anything? Would this be helpful? All comments appreciated, and have a great day!
@psidentity One question: How do you write the QR Code and NDEF data to the hardware? Does it have a connection itself? Also: What happens when I change my Wifi Password?
@plaetzchen Thanks, great questions! Setup is handled with our free iOS and Android apps. You’d use the app again to update the Wi-Fi password if it changes.
@psidentity I just found it on the Play Store. Great solution. So the Porter itself is battery free I assume.
@plaetzchen That’s right! No batteries required.
Like: • A simple and elegant solution to a real problem • Looks nice Dislike: • Price - Not sure if a QR code printed and hang in a frame wouldn't work as well for $20 less
Damn, these guys make cool products. This is perfect for AirBnBs, Coffee shops and businesses of all kinds. And the free colourful instructions are the real value-add:
Ordered :) Good product !
Genius. Nice product. Will purchase!