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I just installed. In principle it interesting, we will have to test on the street.
@cruzheres Thank you! Have you tried it? We'll be happy to hear some feedback.
Hello Hunters!!! Wiffinity is an app that allows you to find and connect easily to WIFI locations worldwide while traveling and helping you forget about roaming charges. WIFI access have become one of today’s basic needs. We help you be online and connected the easiest way possible when traveling with our WIFI map. We provide you with only password location hotspots in the city. Functionalities: ► Access over 300.000 hotspots worldwide ► Search hotspots around your location using your GPS ► Navigate the spots offline using the map and discover WIFI places ► Connect to free WIFI using the passwords without roaming charges ► Access Internet without 3G / 4G network coverage ► Totally free, always free of charges. ► Anonymous, you don’t need to register or give personal details away We'll be glad to have feedbacks from you!!! We want to create the bigger and trustable community! Cheers!
Does this report speeds as well? Always felt there was a need to just find the best average wifi speeds at cafes. Would be very useful for the digital nomads roaming around.
Ok we'll need a little more on this. I'm a bit confused
Sounds like a precursor of Project Fi of Google. Name of app is apt.