An App Store for every platform.

Easy to deploy app store ecosystem for site builders and publishers.

Widgetic makes it easy for anyone to design and publish custom widgets to engage their users using their preferred DIY (do-it-yourself) site builder platform. Widgetic works on any website and platform that allows embeds.
@kwdinc Thanks for the hunt David!
So informative things are provided here,I really happy to read this
Hey everyone, I'm Andu - one of the founders at Widgetic. I'm here to answer any questions. Above you can see some sample integrations in different platforms, as well as our product platform. At Widgetic we create a set of tools and services that allow anyone to enhance their website.
I love how this builds in to the existing platforms so easily. Can't wait to use the madlibs widget and countdown clock. Any other new widgets on your roadmap?
@swetzequity Hey Zach, we have about 350 concepts we're building, yes. I can share with you the next 5 coming up: Social Media Strip, Events Calendars, Store Locator, Booking App, Podcast Player. We'll cover most use cases in the future.
@andupotorac Cool, is there a support email? I'm having a few difficulties I can flag for you.
@andupotorac @widgetic Thanks! Just sent an email :)
@swetzequity @widgetic Received, will reply asap. :)