An IoT temperature & humidity sensor for your home

Hello Everyone, My name is Gurpal and I am the co-inventor of WiCub. WiCub, is a WiFi temperature and humidity sensor that requires no cloud storage or mobile app. Your data is e-mailed to you daily and you also get an e-mail alert if either temperature or humidity goes out of its set thresholds. It has a 12 month battery life in a very small cube size (50 x 50 x 25mm). We are running a Kickstarter for WiCub and for more information please see: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... If you have any questions about WiCub, please ask away :) Thank you for support.
Hey @gurpalbhogal cool thing. Are you planning any integration with IFTTT or other services?
Hey @dustinlocke - thanks! Not at the moment. We have been experimenting with MQTT and may release this functionality in a future update.