Wicked Ball

A smart ball to keep your pet entertained all day long

#2 Product of the DayMay 20, 2019
-100% automatic feature
-3 reaction modes
-Intelligent companion mode
-Snack reward system
-Obstacle avoidance system
-Durable and safe for your pet
-No app required
  • Hovo Evans
    Hovo Evanstech geek and trendy stuff lover

    copes with my pets' obesity problem, making them stay active


    no app control (not a big deal)

    great solution to a common problem

    Hovo Evans has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Awesome, specially for my cat


    How durable is it?

    Will know more once i receive it

    Antonio Marazzo has never used this product.
Hi Product Hunters :) We are super excited to launch our Wicked Ball here. Wicked Ball runs and bounces all by itself without application and your control. It has 3 modes: gentle, normal and active best to match your pet’s behavior. You can also use the intelligent companion mode to give your pet some play and rest time. Wicked ball is waterproof, easily washable and durable. It also has obstacle avoidance system. Well, what else can you wish for..? Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer :)
How long does the battery last in active mode?
@martirosyankh Hi Khach. If your pet plays with Wicked Ball in active mode without having a rest, the battery will last 100 minutes.
@martirosyankh @seven_xie 100 mins, that would be one tired doggo.
@martirosyankh @abi_orchard Agreed, that's why we have different play modes: 10min play-30 min rest, 30 min play-30min rest, etc.
Congrats on the launch! Now i'm a believer in fate and I've been (in my head) coming up with a new product for kids based on how my kids behave. I'd love to talk to you guys about using the same technology in Wicked Ball for this new idea.
@danielkempe Hi Daniel, thank you for your interest. Please, email us at pr@cheerble.com and we can discuss further :)
@cheerble @seven_xie Appreciate it :-)
@danielkempe haha as soon as I saw this, I thought "I wonder if they have something like this for kids" - I would love to see it happen!
@leslie_heller Yes, so weird as I was only thinking of this exact device on the weekend (only for kids).
@leslie_heller @danielkempe haha, hope to see your product come to life soon :)
Is Wicked Ball waterproof?
@siranush_hovhannisyan Hi Siranush. We tested Wicked Ball with IPX67 standard and it worked well. Under the condition of tightening Wicked Ball, it can be soaked in water directly or even run directly in water. You may play with your puppy in water as well.
I work from home and don't yet have a pet. BUT if I had an office job and a cat I would seriously consider this product.
@marcin_manias Thanks for great feedback Marcin :)