A social media tool that lets anyone become an influencer

For small brands that need to get a good position in the digital world, Wibber is web app that allows you to reach your target audience, boost your diffusion and manage your digital media thanks to a system of intelligent recommendations, in just a few minutes of use per day. We are also developing an iOS and Android app with all Wibber features.

  • Mehul Kumar
    Mehul KumarDigital Marketing Consultant.

    Very simple and easy to use



    It is a great tool that can be brought into influencer's day to day use. USP: Simplicity in using it :)

    Mehul Kumar has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 




    Awesome social media tool.

    Herbolario UROS has used this product for one month.
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Adeel Faisal
Adeel Faisal@adeelfaisal2 · Making something new ;)
Thanks for sharing with community an awesome tool. Please let me know what's the difference between With Machine Learning and Without Machine Learning in your pricing?
DiegoMaker@dowrow · Web Developer
@adeelfaisal2 Hi Adeel, Diego here from the Wibber dev team. Machine learning algorithms are used in the custom recommendations system (under the "Recommendations" tab), that way our recommendations become more targeted the more you accept or decline them. This means premium-plan users use will see their recommendations improve over time 📈
Daniel Castaño Vela
Daniel Castaño Vela@daniel_castano_vela
I used to expend loads of time when planning my social media content because I wasn't sure about the quality of my posts or when to publish them. I tried the trial version of Wibber and I quickly realised how much time I could save if I use a tool like this. Thanks to the wibber post recommendations and its content management features I can focus on the social media strategy of my clients and offer a better service to them.
Alejandro Martínez Mingo
Alejandro Martínez MingoMaker@alexmrtnz · CEO at Wibber
@daniel_castano_vela Thank you very much for your comment! We hope you can continue enjoying all the new Wibber features in the future
Wibber made my social media grow exponentially since i started to use it. Now my page is on the Top 3 of the SEO in Google. I recommend this product to anyone interested in social media management.
Alejandro Martínez Mingo
Alejandro Martínez MingoMaker@alexmrtnz · CEO at Wibber
@nuestropsi Thank you very much for your comment! Online positioning is a very important need for any company, we are glad that Wibber can help you achieve your goals
I would give it a try but from what I can see here, it looks like your comments are two new accounts with a single upvote for Wibber commenting how good it is, both upvoted from your team and another new one with a review labeling it as an "Awesome social media tool", all of them written by spanish usernames. That's not organic growth guys. I mean yeah, it's not a big surprise coming from a company whose slogan is "Growth Hacking in Social Media", but it is not what you can expect from PH. So that's why you are 8th today and that's why some products are at the top with less upvotes than your product. Hope it doesn't sound too rude!
Alejandro Martínez Mingo
Alejandro Martínez MingoMaker@alexmrtnz · CEO at Wibber
@inthe0n Hi Pedro, two comments are from customers who are so happy with our product that they have bothered to register to leave a reference (this is also something that is looked for in ProductHunt), and the third is from a user of ProductHunt with a doubt about our automatic learning system. As for the Reviews, one is from an old client and another is from a user, also from ProductHunt, who has loved our tool. We understand that you can think something like that, but we have followed the steps recommended by the platform in https://blog.producthunt.com/how... and it has worked quite well. For a tool like ours, that is struggling with real giants to capture a few users, this is a great victory. We will be happy that you give us an opportunity and try Wibber. Any questions or comments, we are here to solve it.
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia@erikwgarcia · Co-founder, Prodducts
Haven't used your product and not sure if I will, but kudos for creating one of the more entertaining explainer videos I have seen lately. Funk music for life!
Alejandro Martínez Mingo
Alejandro Martínez MingoMaker@alexmrtnz · CEO at Wibber
@erikwgarcia Funk Yeah! Thank you very much for your comment! I’ve shown it to the video creator and he’s clapping his hands!