Effortless AR Prototyping

#5 Product of the DayAugust 25, 2018

Developing Augmented Reality is complicated but designing it shouldn't be! We want you to prototype AR content in minutes, then share those creations with the rest of the community to remix and learn from.

Dedicated to simplifying AR design - no coding or 3D skills are required, just a browser, a modern smartphone and optionally an idea.

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Very excited to share version 1 of wiARframe with the world. I've been building this tirelessly since October. Still so much to do but I hope you see the potential.
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I've used the beta version and was extremely helpful in prototyping, quickly changing textures, positioning etc. Definitely the easiest way there is out!
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@spandana_govindgari thanks for the vote of confidence. Do let me know what other features you'd like to be able to prototype.
Impressive! Passing this along to some friends in AR.
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@caleb_delbegio thanks! Would love their feedback.

Great app with a lot of potential


easy to use

great source of inspiration for AR

entire library of assets availble for extremely quick prototyping


needs more features

coming soon!

I can’t think of a recent AR demo that can’t be replicated in WiARframe, and in a matter of minutes not days/weeks


Easy to add models and add a variety of interaction triggers to them. easy to test as the device updates the prototypes instantly


object states are limited in scope so it takes a bit of thinking to get the set up right for complex scenes.

🤔 gonna pretend it's an intentional constraint like twitter or vine... it's not but I'm gonna pretend it is until I add more functionality.