Full stack for the Internet of Things

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@conalllaverty tell us about wia :)
@bentossell Wia provides the full stack for the Internet of Things. Instead of spending months writing code, designing databases and maintaining servers, Wia helps you bring your ideas to life in minutes. Our robust, clean APIs let you focus on building great products and handle all of your needs - from sending sensor data to controlling actuators.
Hi everyone! I'm the Founder & CEO of Wia. I'll be here all day. Happy to answer any of your questions :)
For information on getting started visit our blog (http://blog.wia.io) or read our API documentation (http://docs.wia.io).
Some people are asking what companies we compare ourselves to, think Stripe for IoT.
Any plans for an Android SDK?
@joshuawilluhn Hi Joshua, Android SDK will be released in a few weeks time.
@conalllaverty is the newsletter the best place to stay updated on the android sdk?