Wi-Fi Login

Get notified when you need to login/accept terms on Wi-Fi.

Quickly resolve Wi-Fi issues in-app, such as logins or terms acceptances. — Configure notifications to avoid interruptions to the internet access on your device!

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James Hunt
Entrepreneur. Coder. Marketer. Founder.
What a genius idea! I travel a lot and am always suffering from the captive popups that never popup. If this can help get around this I’m sold. Its even a problem at the coworking space I’m using at the moment, so will be testing Monday!
@thetwopct Thanks James! Let me know if you have any feedback or run into any issues. — I'll be tweaking the app's logic over-time based on how well it works for everyone.
Hey guys, here’s the first release of this app. I’ll keep updating it with anything that I can find to make it better.
Hey Ben - how does this app help with a captive portal logon? I've installed it, gone to a captive wireless network, that opens up the captive login page.. then the best i can achieve is to close the captive login, then go to your app and it tells me that i need to login. Maybe the wifi network i am using is too good?
@michael_jankie Sorry for the late response! It depends on the network, and certain events on iOS. Try it with a few networks and let me know how it goes.