Whympr for Android

The app to plan, enjoy and share your mountain activities.

Whympr is an outdoor social app that lets you find all information for your mountain activity (trekking, climbing, etc.)

Available on iPhone and just recently on Android, you can

• Access thousands of summits and routes across the globe

• plan, organise and keep track of your mountain outings

• locate yourself on an outdoor map

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1 Review5.0/5
Hello everyone! Whympr is an app I particularly like to plan my outdoor activities. Co And it is now finally on Android 😃 Congrats to the Tim and the rest of the team! Give it a try and check this video if you want to see more of it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/...
Thx @prodibi_olivier ! We hope the app will be useful to the mountain community. Let us know your thoughts as we are already working on the next version.
Like the idea of whympr
Whympr is amazing ! And I know that big improvements and new features are planned so I'm looking forward to using them 😃 Wish you the best guys.