The app to plan, enjoy and share your mountain activities

Whympr is mountain and outdoor social app which allows you to find all the information you to do your mountain activity (trekking, climbing, mountaineering, ski touring).

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Hi everyone, please let us know what you like and what you would like to see in Whympr which would make you use it regularly. Cheers, Tim.
I really enjoyed you pitch during the PH meetup in Geneva! All the best for this product launch 🙃
Hi guys, here is a bit more info on the app. Whympr allows you get route information of over 30 000 routes and summits. Locate them on our map to find inspiration for your next outing. Add your achievements in your logbook. The community can see the latest mountain conditions. We hope you enjoy it!
Which countries are the routes in?
@tombielecki Hi Tom, the routes are all around the world. All main mountain ranges are represented. Til
How are you supposed to pronounce Whympr? I immediately thought of whimper. Which isn't what I associate with mountains.
@joshdance Hi Joshua, yes you pronounce it as whimper. Whympr is inspired of Edward Whymper who is the mountaineering pioneer and who was the first summiter of classic mountains including the Matterhorn over 150 years ago.