A kit to customize your beer in 24 hours

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There are many recipes to start out with, so anyone can get it up and running fast and easy. For all you beer lovers this is great way to customize your own beer without the hassle of going through a long process.
I also got to play with the beta version! They've figured out a really easy way to make your own beer. You use their fermented beer base, but you control the ending type, flavor and color of it! Brilliant.
@chrisvconley Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the experience!
This is really interesting. It sounds like I can customize my beer? How exactly does it work?
@jamespkeane Thanks for the interest. The kit includes a recipe book with recipes for 5 different beers. Like regular cooking recipes, you can follow the recipes to a T or play around with adding different ingredients. So the other night, I was having friends over and I used the WHYM Unfiltered Wheat beer base, added ginger and wasabi root, and served it with Thai noodles. Let me know if you have any more questions!
What exactly can I make with this kit?
@maisie_devine: The kit includes a recipe book with 5 beer recipes to get you started, but the possibilities are pretty limitless. I've been making a yummy hard ginger ale with it this week!
Very cool. The price is really fair especially for folks who are just getting started in homebrewing.
@harryraymond Thanks, Harry! We worked really hard to get the price down to a level that would make drink customization accessible for everyone!