Why Go On Facebook?

Catch yourself opening Facebook a little too frequently?

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Haha, nice! Could really make you reflect on how many times you open "because of habit". Would be awesome to have an option to add your own reasons... "Stalking an ex" "Un-tagging myself from a photo" "Looking for Fake News" (lol)
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@bentossell Agreed, I'd love to see custom reasons.
@bentossell a little too close to home... 😢
I just wonder how long it'll take Facebook to release a similar feature in case this succeeds
@arielassaraf I don't think they want to do anything to dissuade a Facebook addiction :)
@will_tachau haha kidding of course
Safari extension please!
Lol I catch myself going on Facebook too infrequently
You should add button "Change my mind. Close FB" and close FB 😏
@gogola I wanted to! Don't think there's a way to close a tab from a chrome extension