Why Go On Facebook?


Catch yourself opening Facebook a little too frequently?


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Haha, nice! Could really make you reflect on how many times you open "because of habit". Would be awesome to have an option to add your own reasons... "Stalking an ex" "Un-tagging myself from a photo" "Looking for Fake News" (lol)
Ariel Assaraf
@arielassaraf · Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
I just wonder how long it'll take Facebook to release a similar feature in case this succeeds
Pallav Agarwal
@pallav_agarwal · Passionate for technology and startups
Safari extension please!
Ivo Dimitrov
@gogola · Product Designer
You should add button "Change my mind. Close FB" and close FB 😏
Ryan Shook
@ryanshook · Creative Director
Love the idea, but was expecting it to block Facebook if I selected "Out of habit"