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Whurthay lets you track who visited your website/blog, from which part of the world and the time of their visit. Using the Conversion optimisation model, once you identify your niche market. You can target the people in the geography, where they are already showing interest. In the end, this will drive more customers and website traffic. Start free

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Nitin BajajMaking B2B sales easy via EasyLeadz.com
What values do we get in output? Do you provide demographics, firmographic information? Like company names etc?
Ayush Narula
What's Normal?
Hi Guys Whurthay is a website visitor traffic trends analysis tool. It tracks their * Location * Time of visit * Frequency of visit * Referring website/source * Target region * Analytics * Export functionality * Sort and group visitors by - percentage of traffic who are visit most frequently, and their demographics #HightInterest - percentage of traffic who are not so frequent, but trying to decide, if they'd want to use your service #PotentialCutomers - percentage of traffic, who need to be persuaded, but could be turned into happy paying customers(This is a huge chunk) #HappyCutomers - Just visiting Advantage of using such a tool, is to allow people to locate their niche market. User base is mainly website owners/marketers who need to know, which part of the world their target market is from. This allows them to target their potentials users, when placing advertisements on sites like Google Adwords or Facebook Hope you guys enjoy it! https://whurthay.com