Recruitment assistant, hire for job-fit shortlist instantly

Whozwho enables employers to hire for “Job Fit” empowering you with advanced behavioural science tools, powerful one-click job board and social posting tools and the power to set your own methodology to shortlist, sort, prioritise and quickly select candidates your way.

Eric Citra
  • Eric Citra
    Eric CitraDirector

    Easy to use and saves time when reading through position applications.


    Position only open for a month at a time

    There was much less reading when the data about each candidate is presented in a ranking format.

    The candidates that we did interview ended up being suitable for the position.

    I did not know this at first but whozho even standardises that resume format for applicants which made it easier for me to read. I've often wondered whether I might have missed out on quality candidates just because their resume writing skills compared poorly to others.

    Eric Citra has used this product for one month.
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