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Alice Cresswell
  • Alice Cresswell
    Alice CresswellSaaS lover

    You can manage everyone on your site in one app, run compliance reports.


    Can't think of any major cons

    There is a range of complementary apps to the main platform too - we run all our incident and evacuation drills with the evac app. It runs perfectly on all our wardens' smartphones. Customer support are always really quick to get back to us when we need help as well.

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Jonas Almut
Jonas Almut@jonasalmut · Maker, Designer & Traveller.
You know what'd be cool? If you gave everyone a tag and you could map them in a 2D view to see where they are/ no one is near some place they shouldn't be/ could geofence certain types of people eg. Visitors only allowed inside the construction office. I'm just throwing ideas around. The tracking chips could go in the helmets because everyone has to wear them and you'll only need one sensor to pick up where everyone is. You sign in and get given a helmet and that tells the app that you're in a specific place at a specific time. Handy huh?
Darren Whitaker-B
Darren Whitaker-BMaker@dwbonlocation · CEO and Founder of WhosOnLocation.com
Hey that is an awesome Jonas. We are releasing GeoFencing this year along with support for iBeacons. We do already support, via our WolMobile web app, the ability for contractors and employees to tag their GeoLocation as they sign in. The owner of the site (location) can then bring up a Google Map displaying where people are. Thanks for the idea - we love feedback.