Easily create custom Bootstrap themes

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Whootstrap is a custom Bootstrap theme builder. The whole idea of Whootstrap is to make the Bootstrap customization process easier, and allow you to visualize changes along the way. Just pick a color palette, fonts, customize and go!

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Carol Skelly
Carol SkellyMaker@carolskelly · Maker / developer / built @CodeplyApp
Hello Product Hunters! I'm very excited to introduce Whoot!strap. This is an easy-to-use theming companion that will help you give Bootstrap projects and entirely custom look. Plans down the road are user accounts, allow palette/theme saves, imports and some other cool features. I ♥ any feedback you have so please let me know what you think.
Jacob Lett
Jacob Lett@bootstrapc · I teach web design with Bootstrap at
This is really nice Carol. I like how it provides realtime feedback as you click the colors in the palette. Suggestions: 1. Provide a tutorial on how to apply the theme for beginners and advanced scss users. Beginners especially will not know what to do next. 2. I think each palette should have the contextual colors (success, warning, danger) because they are used for interface feedback. Instead of changing these what if you added 3 new colors (bg-color-1, bg-color-2, etc.)
Christopher Gimmer
Christopher GimmerPro@cgimmer · Co-founder of Snappa
This looks great Carol. Congrats on the new product!
Pat Eskinasy
Pat Eskinasy@celue · Own projects
Awesome Carol. Great tool.