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Kiki, I agree. I also like the privacy component of the app. Having the option to be anonymous when commenting is always welcome by many users.
Hello Product Hunters! I'm Austin Cohen founder of WhoNow App. I’m incredibly excited to have been hunted today. I’ll be available all day to answer any comments you have. In the meantime, let me tell you what I have built. WhoNow is the app for your Dating life. We simply and privately help people share their dating life. We don't match people, we help make sense of their matches. WhoNow can enrich dating by telling the story of relationships in pictures. We help real life friends quickly deliver the inside scoop and sincere advice. Users can also crowdsource date ideas, support and advice on the Anonymous Hotline. All comments are anonymous All post live for 1 week We hope to inspire better dating. :) I look forward to receiving your feedback and answering your questions.
@idoaustin This is smart - good luck!
@idoaustin Would you consider part of this a sort of CRM for dating? I've had that idea for a long time now, something to track various types of info: Dating app source (Tinder, OKC, etc), a date calendar, a follow up calendar, etc.
@thedotmack Yes I do consider it to be a CRM for dating or DRM (Date relationship Management). It's a modern day BLACK BOOK! Users can keep notes on things like where they met, attributes that they like and important dates.
@idoaustin DRM ;) Love it! Have you put any thought in to suggested dating workflows? Text something along these lines today, 2 days from now follow up with this suggested message, etc. Stuff to help people keep the ball rolling
I like the emphasis that WhoNowApp places on reputation in order to make and complete matches. I feel like this app would produce better relationships and promote safety better than the standard dating app.
Honestly I unfortunately believe that being anonymous will benefit the bad rather than the good...
@bentossell Hi Ben, I appreciate and understand the concern. It's truly amazing to see people share honest, raw and real emotional dating experiences and receive support from the WHONOW COMMUNITY. Individually we are all very unique, yet in dating we share many similar experiences that collectively provide opportunities for shared learning. Please visit the HOTLINE on the app. You will see this is very different than other anonymous platforms.
@idoaustin but regardless... we see examples all over the internet that anonymous usage tends to favour the bad-intentioned unfortunately
@bentossell WhoNow is anonymous group chat with your friends. Most of the interaction is with people you know looking to share awesome or private matters. Choose your friends wisely. :)
Like the landing page, the ui, the branding ... and the casual spin on dating making it more casual to share the ups and down .... also making it ok to have ups and downs --- not all life is perfect and dating life is certainly not! Cool idea - could see this being plugged in as a value add to a more deliberately focused dating app.
@samir_doshi Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Dating presents many obstacles and our real friends usually hear about it and old fashion way. We re-tell the story of the heart break over and over until we get depressed. With WhoNow we get to tell the story once and have our friends help us with sincere solutions at the same time.