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Hey all! The logs brought me here! Pierre thanks for adding the site here. Also I'm new here. So this was, maybe still is a side project. I wanted to prove myself (and maybe few others). That isn't too hard to create a fast map based search engine. The idea was to apply it to a real estate market which sounded like good fit. Although I realised really fast, that tackle market like this is extremely hard. Decided to find other application for it, the one that will solve someones problems here and now. Started with "Who is hiring" thread from Hacker News. Posted it on HN. It got a lot of attention over there, decided to work more on it, added few more sources. Future plans are: fix the mobile version, improve UX, add as many sources as I can. Thanks
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@sebapawlus This is awesome. Thanks for building this out. I always wanted this feature on LinkedIn to browse worldwide locations for jobs visually. Their recommendations are so localized and assumes everyone wants to be stay in the same place even when switching jobs!
@shrivastavasitz @sebapawlus Thanks. My opinion: there is more general problem with HR in IT which your issue falls under. Most developers / designers just want to see what is available. We don't need things personalised nor localised. In different words we know better what we want, middleware is not required. I think some HR startups are wrong spamming people with "new hot job for you".
Looks great, although I miss http://angel.co integration. Lots of jobs listed there
@wraldpyk I've setup for http://angel.co already. Although their API terms seems to be scary and their support contact wasn't too verbose. Maybe will try again though, seems to me that people are interested.
@sebapawlus @wraldpyk Didn't see an icon on the site, and also couldn't find the positions of our company ;) (Roamler)
I've come across this meta search engine today and I feel like hunting it. It's my first hunt, I hope everything's fine 😁,otherwise you can just publicly blame me and/or send me rotten 🍅(other veggies work as well). I find the UI/UX very clean and I like the idea of having the map to have the big picture of job offers. Congrats to the creators!
Really awesome! Contains a great overview and is much easier to browse than most aggregators. Needs to add more job search sites but that field is very fragmented and localized. Great job @sebapawlus, care to tell us more?
Really flush. Integration from other APIs & expanding to include other roles aside from engineering will make this an amazing aggregator. Also, bust-out some AngleList/Crunchbase data on each company hiring so ppl. stay on one site the entire time to do their research on each Co. hiring.
@eli_s_kami this is very interesting idea, I'll try find out what is possible. Although, Crunch Data API seems to be very sensitive about what you will do with their data. Applied for API key, waiting...