Find out who can access your Google Drive.

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Oh, the irony of having to give access first...
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Hi @yvoschaap, this is Martin from WhoHasAccess. It's correct that you have to trust us somehow. Maybe it helps you to know two things: 1. we only get access to metadata (we couldn't access your files even if we would be evil) and 2. as we're based in Germany a very strict data protection law demands us to do as promised (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bun......).
Like the concept, but in practice the scanning is taking forever for me. Anyone else tried it?
@riaface thanks for your feedback. It really depends on the size of your Google Drive account. Generally speaking the scan should be finished after 15 minutes max. We also notify you via email so no need to wait.
@boehr Thanks Martin. Mine got stuck and never finished :( My Drive is just under 15GB if it helps.
@riaface oh, sorry to hear that! We had some issues during peak usage in the last hours (we were featured on TNW and Lifehacker). There's a good chance that it works if you simply reload and start the scan again :)
@boehr Ace, I'll give it another try!