Who Up?

An evening-only iOS messaging app for night owls

hey @poolnoodle93 - so @ryankopinsky asked the obvious to me on twitter (and what I wanted to ask) - how does it work with timezones?
@bentossell @poolnoodle93 yeah really curious. I have a lot of international friends and what if it's evening for them but not me? Will I get a notification but can't respond?
@ryankopinsky @poolnoodle93 think this can only work if chatting with people in same timezone really. other than that, not sure how it can work
@bentossell @ryankopinsky hi guys, the main concept is that it works only from 7pm to 6am for you. it's restrictive in that way, so you can't really chat with someone who is in a timezone that is far from yours. three of us friends built this as a fun and silly side project, it isn't an attempt to displace any regular messaging platform. It's a single-use app designed to get friends who are up at night but aren't in the same place talking (if they want to). It's sort of like 'checking in' to say 'I'm here' but with respect to time instead of location.
@poolnoodle93 @ryankopinsky yeah I think I'm just too used to remote working and dealing with timezones haha
@bentossell @ryankopinsky oh yeah, also this is a super early beta, we just wanted to put it out on the app store for people to try, get feedback, and develop based on what we're hearing
All it need is "people nearby" and Tinder is done for. :)
make it "late night" like 12-4am and you might be on to something!
@mostlyabout What messaging protocol?
@edward_zhuoshan_jiang @mostlyabout built using react native, firebase!