Who's Down

See which of your friends are free to hang. Made by Google.

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Curious to see if they can get more traction than the hundreds of others that came before them
@dtrinh gets a shout out in this article pointing out that it's basically a clone of his app Free. http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/... Side note, Microsoft's Tossup app is featured in the App Store this week. The big guys are taking stabs at the category with us little guys. Keep us posted if anyone gets an invite.
Exactly like GroupUp, Free, and a million other social planning apps. I just don't think there is a true problem being solved here. Nothing beats texting / calling your friends.
Let's not forget that it was Google who offered the API that allowed two bootstrapped teams to build MyHangouts and Hangout Canopy - and then proactively blocked access, killing both - because Hangouts are a loss-leader for Google. They learn nothing from our participation in them to sell to marketers.
"Google has just quietly released a new app on the Play Store, called “Who’s Down”. As you might be able to tell from its name, the app will apparently — once there are people who are actually using it — let you see which of your friends are free to hang out. Currently, the app is invite-only" -- from 9to5Google http://9to5google.com/2015/10/30...