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Edwin Toh
Edwin TohMaker@edtoh · Founder, Garage Interactive
Hey guys, we are "beta" launching this. We've worked on this as a side project for months now and the idea behind the site is to simply reveal who made what. We found ourselves asking who made "this amazing site" a lot and too often the real makers are not revealed and their roles not properly defined, hence we created who made what to address this problem. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as we work out the kinks! Thanks!
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
This is great - I always run into the same situation. It adds so much when you know who did it and also see what he did before. Thanks man!
Hugo Di Francesco
Hugo Di Francesco@hugo__df · Developer
From my experience working for an agency, the main reason we don't know who made what is because they got paid to do it by some third party who needed it made, Sometimes the fact they're not credited is part of that exchange/contracts. This is more of a "I made this" than a "who made that" since you are populating the database with user submissions. How you validate this data would also be of great interest. Also a quick tip: get rid of the project_id in the url of the page and index by slug ;) And finally, I actually think it's quite awesome that this is launched, but maybe having more than 25 entries would have helped.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Seems like Makerbase is a clear competitor. Looks like coverage might be a little sparse though? http://whomadewhat.org/?searchTe...
@chrismessina Hi Chris, Today is our first public announcement of our site, so we're just now receiving content! My friends and I created Who Made What to solve the problem of people not getting properly recognized for their work. It's unfortunate, but far too often projects such as websites get released with no credit going back to the developers, designers, producers, devops, ux, and others who have spent countless late nights creating a great product. Who Made What aims to solve that problem by being a central website where people can submit their projects or attach themselves on to existing projects that were created by their team. The "team" part is important to us and is one point that differentiates us from other sites. When submitting projects you can attach and invite your team. By doing so, you'll start building out your connections, a great way to build a community filled with people you've worked with. Trust is another important factor for us, we want to ensure that project credits can't be freely edited. Instead, there's an approval process. So if you were to add yourself to a project I submitted, I would have to approve your role before it becomes publicly visible. Thanks for your comment, let me know if you have any other questions :)
Konrad Caban
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO, SuperMonitoring.com, yourbrowser.is
Webcred.it, featured last week, is another similar product: http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...