Who Knows Who

Find out if you are connected to someone famous

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@frankcrm this seems like a lot of fun. But why Google+ contacts. Why not FB or Twitter or a combo?
@corleyh I came here to say this.
We wanted to add Facebook, but they recently changed their API, so we can't pull Facebook friend contacts. We are working on adding Twitter. Thx.
@frankcrm I think Linkedin is also good network for that. I have seen that they already have some similar functions but why not
Hey Everyone! The folks over at Triggerfox are launching a new fun site called “Who Knows Who”, that answers the question: Are you connected to someone famous? The inspiration for this idea came from an social experiment conducted back in 1967 by phycologist Stanley Milgram who proved that the expression “it’s a small world” is not just a cliché and that every person in the world is connected by fewer than 6 steps. This theory was also made famous by the early internet game, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” – the game where every actor in Hollywood can be linked to Bacon via movie performances. The launch of this site also serves as a precursor to the business version of ‘Who Knows Who’ that we are launching later this summer: ‘WKW for Business’ will provide you with the best path to anyone you want to get an introduction to (prospect, investor, employer, etc.)
Thank you @frankcrm Great idea! But unfortunately I can't get the result because of privacy settings. What's wrong?
@michaelv_1322 Hi Michael, can you please send me a screenshot: frank@triggerfox.com. Also, what browser are you using? (Desktop or Mobile?) thank you.
Brilliant way to drum up interest in the business version. Also, I need to find out who connects me to Jennifer Lawrence. Because Jennifer Lawrence.