Who's still hiring during Coronavirus? See the list of companies actively hiring and contribute your company status.
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Zuhayeer Musa
student @cal building things
Hi PH fam, With the recent wave of layoffs due to Covid-19, we wanted to help people look for jobs. So we compiled a list of companies with open roles and locations. We're checking regularly with companies directly to keep this list up-to-date. If you're company is hiring, you can add it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/... We'd appreciate any feedback!
Kristy Kimlets get shit done
@zuhayeer awesome! def needed
Abdellatif AbdelfattahSWE @Twitter. Builder @Abdellatif.io
This is a great resource for employees affected by the layoffs. Thanks for creating it @zuhayeer @ziggym0!
This is awesome! Nice to hear there are still companies hiring during these times!
Great feature at a great time. Wait to help the people that need it most @zuhayeer @Ziggym0
Much needed during this time, it would be nice to see an internship page too for all the people that lost internship offers
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