Who Is My Voice

Did your representatives accept contributions from the NRA?

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I'm absolutely fed up with the political posts on PH. I come here for tech, not these political "app of the day" entries. Looking forward to a downvote button in the future.
@brian_tessier I completely agree.
@brian_tessier +1. Seriously, I need a filter that blocks anything with the words Trump or Hillary in them.
@brian_tessier Products are going to be made when the interest is there. It's an election year - everyone is interested in politics. Get used to it 😃. This site actually provides valuable information in a user friendly and easy to understand manner. I can see your annoyance with some of the other things posted though!
Thanks for sharing, just wanted to give some appreciation towards the fine folks at FEC & 18F who got a custom API up for us letting this actually be helpful to everyone looking to use it. Open government data is a wealth of knowledge and can help people make more informed decisions. Happy we have people helping to make it accessible and open to us.
Nice. Thank you for making this... 🙌
Would love to see this expand to other issues as well!
@hustlinhack definitely will.
Great looking and functioning app. Is there a way to see total NRA contributions across the whole country? That would be a cool feature.
@rdbrdd There is currently no way to see total on WhoIsMyVoice.com, but for now FEC has a solid beta site, which enables everyone to see receipts and disbursements for committees: https://beta.fec.gov/data/commit...